• bring life to the officea more comfortable staff means a more productive work environment
  • custom design solutionslet us help you make every part of your office unique
  • enhanced lighting effectsour experience means we can bring a feature of uniqueness to any space
  • contrasting with ambient lightproducing an appeal of clean efficiency
  • hospitality plant hire designwe can help you make your cafe/restaurant really shine

Plants add beauty, softness, and life to an interior design. They can make offices more quiet and serene or provide a sense of luxury and comfort for guests and staff members.

After design and installation Cairns Indoor Plant Hire will develop a maintenance plan to ensure your plants continue to thrive. Our maintenance plans are flexible, reasonable and work around your schedule. By taking care of all the maintenance requirements you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Firstly we will meet with you to assess your indoor plant rental requirements. During this visit we will discuss any ideas & suggestions you may have with regards to the design & layout as well as get an image of what your individual office plant rental requirements are. We will assess your specific environment, including lighting, measurements & existing design.

Your new office plants & planters will be installed & maintained and cared for with regular check-ups. If you have any concerns between our regular visits we can make time to check on and replace that plant if necessary.

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  • Types of office plants that are suitable for your specific work environment
  • Suggested positions of the plants
  • Plant container types available
  • What varieties of office plants efficiently clean indoor air
  • Watering & Fertilising
  • Dusting, Cleaning & Pruning
  • Disease Identification & Treatment (Non Toxic)
  • Plant Replacements
  • Top Dressing Top Ups
  • Plant Rotation

Cairns Indoor Plant Hire
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